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A Day in the Life... S01 E58

Music, Icebergs, and Farming

In a recent interview, I mentioned the “iceberg” concept when it comes to composing and conducting. Honestly, it applies to so many other things as well, but that was the context I had used it in. Everyone sees the “finished product” - roughly 10% of the complete process, but few realize and appreciate the other 90% of the work that went into creating it. So how does farming relate? We often look for fresh produce, but neglect to appreciate the months that preceded the harvest.

But why the obscure references? Yesterday during my composition lesson, I was reflecting on the semester and realized that while I wrote less measures of music when compared to my last semester of lessons, the work I accomplished this semester was far greater. We planted some incredible composition “seeds” and I cannot wait for them to become a bountiful harvest.

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