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A Day in the Life... S01 E54

As someone who considers themselves as an introverted empath, setting boundaries has always been difficult for me. With today’s world be one of “instant response and gratification,” there are expectatjons that e-mails are to be read and responded to instantaneously, phone calls are always urgent- even if we don’t recognize the number, and notifications on our phones/wearables are more important than the conversation we were in the middle pf. I have often felt guilty for not answering an email right away, fearful that the person who sent it will be disappointed in me if I don’t answer them. While this might not always be true, these are the feelings I have regularly. It is extremely exhausting.

Recently, I have done quite a bit of reflecting on life balance. I’ve been putting my phone on “sleep” mode at night so I don’t have to worry about notifications in the middle of the night; I’ve been using “do not disturb mode” more on my phone when I’m at the gym or composing; I’ve even removed an email address from my phone so I can limit my time to that particular role. When I’m on the baseball or soccer field watching my son play, I only answer the phone if my wife or parents call. This was not easy to do, but I think that as I become more comfortable with my own feelings, the more balanced I will become.


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