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A Day in the Life... S01 E65

The Roller Coaster of Composition

The Arts are a very interesting industry full of ups and downs, awards and rejections, judging and critiquing. It’s hard to tell sometimes what a particular publisher is looking for when submitting a composition. While I am currently self-publishing both symphonies and my latest work Pacem (to be premiered this July), it would be more beneficial for me as a lesser-known composer to try and have them published by an international publishing company.

Like acting or performing, it is common, normal… even expected to swing and miss a lot before getting that first hit. Yesterday, I “struck out” on Pacem being accepted by a particular publishing company. They also rejected both symphonies last month. Hopefully other publishers will bring better news in the upcoming months. Until then, I’ll continue to self-publish and self-promote my works.


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