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Who's at the Door was commissioned by the Smithtown Community Band (Smithtown, N.Y.) for their 2018 Summer Concert Series. The director, Mr. William T. Link, had asked me to do something I have never attempted before in composition - film scoring. His idea was to supply me with a short video (made by himself) and then I was asked to create several "moods" that could possibly go with the clip. Each one is very unique and completely changes the emotion of the viewer/listener.


     We start out with the first movement, "Hope." This serene-sounding movement builds with anticipation as the clip comes to an end. Pastorale-like chorale measures 1 - 7 should be played very legato. At measure 8, the rhythmic energy picks up; this should be played lightly as indicated.


     Movement II: "Zainy" is a fun circus-like movement that utilizes the glissando effect on the trombone and timpani. An energetic and exciting movement, this mood can be a technical challenge. Strive for clear and accurate articulations throughout this movement.


     Movement III: "Fear" is an eerie-sounding motif. The stranger at the door takes on a whole new role in this movement. Accented notes should be emphasized, but not shortened in length.


     Movement IV: "Tranquility" is a light-hearted and playful melody that frolics about during the scene. Be careful not to have too much weight on the downbeats, as that will slow the tempo down!


     In the end, we never truly establish WHO is at the door... Mr. Link and I wanted to leave that up to the audience.




Composed in 2018.


Second Printing, August 2023.

Who's at the Door? - Score Only

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