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A Day in the Life... S01 E79

Balancing three rehearsal cycles simultaneously

Currently, I am conducting three different ensembles- with all of them having different schedules. The symphony orchestra that I have conducted for the last 2 years has their last full rehearsal tonight, with a dress rehearsal and concert next week. The community band that I’ve worked with for the last 15 years just started rehearsing last night in preparation for their upcoming Summer Concert Series in July. Lastly, the ensemble that will be premiering Pacem starts rehearsing at the end of June, with the performance in July.

These circumstances are not uncommon, but how do we navigate these waters? I find that being organized and delegating days/times for each ensemble helps separate each one. Reflecting after each rehearsal, even simple notes help to plan for the next rehearsal- creating a better experience for everyone involved.

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