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A Day in the Life... S01 E30

Yesterday, I received some very high praise about my second symphony from a colleague I hold in the highest regard. The message was not just complementary of my composition, but also of my conducting at the premiere. He even went on to suggest that he could see me composing full time and doing some guest conducting, while remaining as Music Director of the BAFFA Symphony Orchestra. I was absolutely speechless after reading these words.

I talked about this with my composition teacher yesterday and he also agreed, saying that once I complete my doctorate, there would be a lot of potential opportunities waiting for me with all that I have to offer (his words- not mine).

I say this often, but it’s because I cannot say it enough- thank you all for supporting me on this journey. From encouraging words, to perusing my compositions, to attending concerts that I am conducting and/or a work of mine is being performed, to purchasing and performing my music, thank you for helping me validate my voice and abilities as a composer and conductor.


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