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A Day in the Life... S01 E120

When I’m in the car driving, I typically listen to anything but music. It cleanses my ears and breaks up all of the music I am fortunate enough to make on a regular basis. Sometimes, I’ll listen to the news, sometimes pure silence, other times I’ll listen to the podcast “The Tim Ferris Show”. Tim interviews a huge variety of people from a vast background of disciplines, teasing out the various beliefs, actions, and experiences that have shaped their success.

The other day, I listened to an episode with Kathlyn Hendricks. Kathlyn is a pioneer in the field of body intelligence and has created a concept she calls, “Whole Body Yes.” According to Hendricks, “a Whole Body Yes happens when you are fully aligned with your whole body (head, heart and gut) and there is a bodily sense of well being as you consider a choice.” I was extremely interested in this mindset and began reflecting on decisions (positive and negative) I’ve made throughout my life to try and find a correlation between how my whole body felt and the eventual outcome of that choice. The results were astounding.

Fast forward to the present- when faced with an opportunity to reflect and make changes and/or a decision, I listen to my body. I recently made a huge decision (or at least, to me at the time it felt huge) and looking back, I feel with 100% certainty that it was the right choice. I am looking forward to dialing in my body’s natural responses when it comes to making choices and only saying “yes” when it is a “Whole Body Yes.”


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