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A Day in the Life… S01 E07

Following a very productive day yesterday, I continued to complete some composition projects on my to do list. I found a new way to make a score video, and thank goodness for that, since it was for my second symphony- 41 minutes long (the score is 131 pages). It is now posted to YouTube, as well as on my website. I also submitted 3 works for consideration by a publisher. Hopeful to add more submissions in the next few months.

Unfortunately, with everything we had to do today as a family, there wasn't enough time for score study. I'll have to schedule some time for that in the next day or so. There are several upcoming conducting opportunities for three different ensembles. Lots of scores to study, but also lots of rehearsals to plan out. This could definitely be a topic to explore in more detail in a future blog post.


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