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A Day in the Life... S01 E05

After enjoying dinner with my family last night, (a rare occasion in this house), I headed upstairs to continue to work on my wind band transcription of Pacem (movement II from my Symphony No. 2 in C minor). I underestimated the difficulty of transcribing my composition for a different medium. When you spend so much time orchestrating the original version, it's tough to reengineer it with different timbres. I'm pleased so far, but one of the difficult decisions/additions I need to make is percussion. Since writing Symphony No. 1: A Long Island Portrait, I have conscientiously tried to expand my compositional vocabulary with percussion instruments, timbres, and techniques. In my opinion, I've barely begun this journey and it can be very overwhelming at times. There is a fine line between "way too much" or "way too little" and "just right". I hope to complete this transciption in the next few weeks and submit it for a Call For Scores that interest me. This was one of the suggestions from my composition professor to take my work to the next step.


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